-ssociation of noteworthy standards ignorance – so called because developers of technology don’t understand the true meaning (american national standards inst-tute) and refuse to implement their rules. this causes nightmares for other developers, especially with different database vendors and programming language implementations.
the programmer spent many unproductive weeks and experienced various nightmares converting the large e-commerce application to use oracle instead of sql server after his firm decided to switch vendors. since neither implementation of sql adheres to the ansi standards, problems can be expected to keep coming in the future.
ansi is a word for describing a state of hydration. like “full” is to “hungry”, ansi is to thirsty. ansi descends from the latin word “transitus”, which means “cross-over”, or “to make a p-ssage”, thus crossing from a thirsty to an un-thirsty equilibrium.
i’m thirsty” “really? you should drink something, and you’ll be ansi.
to hold open -n-s after -n-l s-x
and have a gay person “skeet” all inside
this resulting in the first male pregnancy
::gay man::
“like oh my god i ansised this guy last night and my god it was like so awsome!” then we sullyed eachother all night!
and now hes pregnant…….were having twins!!

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