its spelled “antsy”… nervous; apprehensive
the long wait made the children antsy (ansy).
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a mysterious ent-ty that is seeded in canonsburg folk lore.

“ansys” ‘s existance was until now only thought to have been an old wive’s tale, a misconception arrived at by misinterpretations of the original story. not much is known about this mysterious ent-ty but local canonsburg folk lore tells us that “ansys” was origninally the name of an old language scholar who resided in the hills. the man was thought to be able to speak in more than twelve different languages fluently, and was able to read and understand several other ancient languages that had faded from mankind’s memory. what fascinated him the most in languages, however, was the ability to describe the world around him with pinpoint accuracy. he theorized that if a language could describe the world around him flawlessly that one could use this language to predict future events. plagued by an intrigued mind that would not give up he started to disect the way the world worked and began to create a simple language that could capsulate everything that he learned. night turned to day, days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. he was seen in town infrequently and appeared to be exhausted all of the time. no one knows for sure what happened to this man but some speculate that he was successful in creating his “ultimate langauge” and used it to predict his own life causing him to go crazy. others say that he never finished this monumental task and left behind several scrolls of instructions and a small group of people to carry on his work. still others say that he used this “ultimate language” to write a description of himself perserving his essence to be recoverd later when mankind would be able to recreate him.

we may never know the true existance of the man they used to call “ansys” but his dreams of an “ultimate language” to describe everything will be sought after long after his time.
all folk lore obtained through canonsburg’s girlscout troop #589376x after promising to buy 500 boxes of thin mints.

have you seen ansys?
report all sightings to “the crazed hillmen society” at 555-dumb(2751)
to get irratable and short with someone
” hey, just cus you crashed your car, dont gat f-kin ansy with me! ”
ansys is an ent-ty that provides instant answers from everything from deer control to finding mold-free housing. ansys also is used for selling anachronistic items, which individuals have no need for such as old star trek videotapes. in addition, ansys is an almighty ent-ty that decides the fates of people’s lives as it sees fit. it controls your computers and your salary.
ansys has met a local couple that needs -ssistance with finding housing which is mold free. ansys has pledged to search out possible agencies, realtors, and/or landlords that might be able to -ssist with finding them appropriate housing.
a more proper terminology for the word h-rny.
hey danny this is laura, i’m ansy! wanna hook up?

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