a chamber or room that serves as a waiting room and entrance to a larger room or an apartment; anteroom.
contemporary examples

once inside the school cafeteria, which served as an antechamber, each candidate had his own booth.
the bizarro world of iowa’s gop convention ben jacobs june 22, 2014

historical examples

when he had gone to the antechamber he heard a light knocking at the door; pani emilia had given orders to remove the bell.
children of the soil henryk sienkiewicz

he dashed out into the antechamber, and i heard him bellowing orders.
the strolling saint raphael sabatini

his presence chamber and his antechamber were in outward show as splendid as when he was at whitehall.
the history of england from the accession of james ii. thomas babington macaulay

we are in the antechamber of the hall where the sarcophagus is bound to be!
the works of theophile gautier, volume 5 theophile gautier

the good man must have turned back to jeanne, where she waited for him in courtyard or antechamber, with a heavy heart.
jeanne d’arc mrs.(margaret) oliphant

as he attended her through the antechamber, she pointed to the statue of the pearl-diver.
the marble faun, volume i. nathaniel hawthorne

adela followed him to the antechamber, and dismissing the attendants, concerted with him the arrangements for the pageant.
heroines of the crusades c. a. bloss

beyond this was the princ-p-l entrance-hall or antechamber of the palace.
the pirate city r.m. ballantyne

and immediately he entered the antechamber, as she had commanded him, and the eunuch was silent, and said no more.
the thousand and one nights, vol. i. anonymous

another name for anteroom

1650s, from french antichambre (16c.), on -n-logy of italian anticamera (see ante and chamber).

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