poker. a fixed but arbitrary stake put into the pot by each player before the deal.
an amount of money paid in advance to insure an individual’s share in a joint business venture.
informal. an individual’s share of the total expenses incurred by a group.
informal. the price or cost of something.
poker. to put (one’s initial stake) into the pot.
to produce or pay (one’s share) (usually followed by up):
he anted up his half of the bill.
poker. to put one’s initial stake into the pot.
informal. to pay (usually followed by up).
contemporary examples

almost six years after the deadly quake, little of the money pledged to rebuild the broken city has been anted up.
madonna, carla bruni & obama abandoned pledges to rebuild l’aquila after the quake barbie latza nadeau november 17, 2014

historical examples

unten′antable, not fit to be tenanted or inhabited; unten′anted, not occupied.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 4 of 4: s-z and supplements) various

he is not familiar with scenes where hundreds of dollars are anted up.
charles sumner; his complete works, volume viii (of 20) charles sumner

the gaming stake put up before the deal in poker by the players
(informal) a sum of money representing a person’s share, as in a syndicate
(informal) up the ante, to increase the costs, risks, or considerations involved in taking an action or reaching a conclusion: whenever they reached their goal, they upped the ante by setting more complex challenges for themselves
verb -tes, -teing, -ted, -teed
to place (one’s stake) in poker
(usually foll by up) (informal, mainly us) to pay

1838 (n.), 1846 (v.), american english poker slang, apparently from latin ante “before,” from pie -anti “facing opposite, near, in front of, before” (cf. sanskrit antah “end, border, boundary,” hitt-te hanti “opposite,” greek anta, anten “opposite,” anti “over against, opposite, before;” old lithuanian anta “on to;” gothic anda “along;” old english and- “against;” german ent- “along, against”), from root -ant- “front, forehead.”

related terms

penny ante, up the ante

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