a little b-tch who can suck deez nutz!~by rileda_dile
anthany is a b-tch!

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  • Dessert Sex

    when your girlfriend has to get out her vibrator after you’ve finished because you couldn’t close the deal. “you go get a sandwich, honey, while have a little dessert s-x.”

  • Joshua Cobby

    someone who accepts all of the albinos of the world and all ethnicities including albinos and accepts people who watch p-rn espicially nugget p-rn. josh:hey tom. tom:hey josh aaaahhhhh i just split my load. josh:urrghhh i can’t believe you are still watching nugget p-rn,but that’s ok because i am a joshua cobby.

  • Spenglord

    a super idiot mate you’re such a f-cking spenglord!

  • as mad as a cut snake

    it means insane. because when a snake gets chopped in two it goes crazy (don’t try at home) he was as mad as a cut snake.

  • nipple nazi

    (noun). a doctor, nurse, midwife or other hospital professional that makes a new mother feel guilty if she does not choose to breast feed but instead chooses to use baby formula. the nipple n-z- typically will not stop if a mother says back off. instead the nipple n-z- will scheme to get the new mother […]

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