anthony cimino

one big s-xy beast
wow he’s such an anthony cimino

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  • modular swap

    the act of one man placing his junk in the gaping hole of another man’s junk. did u hear about ted and blevin? seems someone caught them behind the shop modular swapping

  • talladega hotspot

    the act of using an open hot sauce bottle as an -n-l dido while yelling racial slurs. i bet trump has used quite a few talladega hotspots on melania.

  • ksy

    when saying kill yourself (kys) comes out wrong and instead you say kill self your (ksy) andy dee got told ksy

  • white gay

    the “g-y best friend” typically portrayed on sitcoms screaming “oh my god gurl yaaas”. an unbearable cis queen, everything they do or say has to be over-dramatic. a white g-y like a white feminist, is not exclusively “white” or h-m-s-xual, the only definitive traits are the endless spouting of tumblr or urban slang and “controversial” […]

  • bumpart

    a typical hairstyle for boys in the mid-90s era, characterised by a middle hair part, with curtains of hair each side, worn best with a long bowl cut or undercut. that kid’s sporting an epic b-mpart..

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