a disease of plants characterized by restricted, discolored lesions, caused by a fungus.
historical examples

“boll rot,” or “anthracnose,” is a disease which may at times be sufficiently serious to destroy from 10 to 50% of the crop.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 7, slice 5 various

the leaves would dry up and the berries become small and crumbly when affected by anthracnose.
trees, fruits and flowers of minnesota, 1916 various

a few sorts rather commonly grown in home vineyards, as diamond, brighton and agawam, suffer most from anthracnose.
manual of american grape-growing u. p. hedrick

the gray bark disease and anthracnose, also snowy tree cricket and red-necked cane borer, are controlled in this way.
trees, fruits and flowers of minnesota, 1916 various

the vines are resistant to mildew, black-rot, and anthracnose and are strong, vigorous growers.
manual of american grape-growing u. p. hedrick

albert, fearful of his beans becoming affected by spots or anthracnose, sprayed them from the start.
the library of work and play: gardening and farming. ellen eddy shaw

any of several fungus diseases of plants and trees, such as vines and beans, characterized by oval dark depressed spots on the fruit and elsewhere

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