anthrocoatl is acknowledged throughout internet writing workshops and debate forums as god of punctuation and lord of commas. anthrocoatl does not smite for typoes or such; however, complete and total disregard for punctuation or contempt for it merits a smite. the god may also call on his followers to tear out the heart of those who violate his laws (anthrocoatl is at heart rooted in aztec tradition). the god will not appear simply for violations; a follower must invoke the name of anthrocoatl and then he will manifest to destroy those who have defiled punctuation. according to somewhat convoluted mythology, the goddess lucy fer may be either anthrocoatl’s rival, lover, or f-g hag. what this implies about anthrocoatl’s s-xuality remains disputed in the scholarly world.

anthrocoatl is god of punctuation because punctuation is arbitrary and difficult to define or rationalize, yet can easily cause an entire people to be destroyed in holy wars over a simple dispute of interpretations. thus it is the perfect fodder of religion.
anthrocoatl’s earthly incarnation, anthropo, is so full of himself he made a long urban dictionary entry on his god side.

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