resembling humans.
belonging or pertaining to the primate suborder anthropoidea, characterized by a relatively flat face, dry nose, small immobile ears, and forward-facing eyes, comprising humans, apes, old world monkeys, and new world monkeys.
compare .
contemporary examples

they summoned mr. rizzo and desired him to spell the word “anthropoid.”
portrait of the consummate con man john lardner may 16, 2014

in and among the rest he inserted the words “rhinoceros” and “anthropoid.”
portrait of the consummate con man john lardner may 16, 2014

this left them, in the end, with “rhinoceros” and “anthropoid.”
portrait of the consummate con man john lardner may 16, 2014

historical examples

there is thus verily a close blood-relationship between the human species and the anthropoid apes.
the world’s greatest books – volume 15 – science various

do you know how the muscles are in this part in the anthropoid apes?
more letters of charles darwin volume ii charles darwin

conjugal life is a heritage from ancestors who lived in a similar way to the anthropoid apes of the present day.
the s-xual question august forel

in the anthropoid ape we already find the family, but not the clan.
the s-xual question august forel

the anthropoid apes are not social, but live in families, and are very unprogressive.
the story of evolution joseph mccabe

a white foam dripped from the chattering lips of the anthropoid.
the mind master arthur j. burks

it is large in the anthropoid apes, especially in the orang, in which it is very long and spirally convoluted.
man and his ancestor charles morris

resembling man
resembling an ape; apelike
of or relating to the suborder anthropoidea
any primate of the suborder anthropoidea, including monkeys, apes, and man compare prosimian

“manlike,” 1835, from greek anthropoeides “like a man, resembling a man; in human form;” see anthropo- + -iod. as a noun, attested from 1832 (the greek noun in this sense was anthroparion).

anthropoid an·thro·poid (ān’thrə-poid’)

resembling human beings in structure and form.

of or belonging to the family of great apes including the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan.

resembling or characteristic of an ape; apelike.

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