giving a non human object human charactaristics.
while most of the time -ssociated with the furry interet sub-culture, this could be basically applied to anything, such as trees and plants, rocks, general objects such as furniture, and even food.
this word is any animal with human characteristics.
the popular pc game everquest, has many anthrpomorphic characters in the game, such as a lion, and frog.
art or stories where characters contain a mixture of animal and human characteristics.

most anthropomorphic characters walk on two legs, speak and often wear clothes. they are fantasy creatures.

they can exist on a spectrum from having almost all animal characteristics, with only a few human traits, or being almost all human with a few animal traits.

some people in the furry fandom prefer the term anthropomorphic to describe the art, writing and role playing they engage in. it is a more inclusive term, as many anthro characters combine human traits with the traits of non-furry animals, such as lizards, dinosaurs and birds.
bugs bunny dressed as a girl is anthropomorphic.

his anthropomorphic artwork is mainly about foxes wearing battle armor and set during the dark ages.

sobek, the ancient egyptian god, is anthropomorphic, in that he is a man with a crocodile’s head.
literally means giving human characteristics to an inatimate object.

to veronicamartians, this word is the oh-so-clever word logan gave to van clemens.
“mr.echolls, can i have a word?”
“anthropomorphic. all yours big guy.”
objects, animals, or gods that have human characteristics in fictional works. it usually refers to animals with the ability to speak.
many disney films include an anthropomorphic animal of some sort.

all the characters in the lion king are anthropomorphic.

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