Anti-bum card

when your going somewhere like mcdonalds or any other prime b-m gathering ground and you only bring a credit/ debit card instead of cash. this leads to a very simple “no i don’t have any money on me” or “i only brought plastic” response when pestered for change by b-ms. its a quick simple way to relieve yourself of the guilt incurred by making other dumb excuses as to why you won’t give a b-m money.
guy 1: man i just got guilt tripped into giving this b-m all my spare change outside of mcdonalds
guy 2: i’m telling you, just use the anti-b-m card and you won’t feel guilty about refusing them money
underage guy 3: i got a b-m to get me a 30 pack last night
guy 2: i knew there was a reason god made b-ms

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