Anti-feminist women

anti-feminist women who pretend to be feminist in order to suck up men to get rich not really giving a sh-t about anyone but themselves. anti-feminist women make themselves look so unattractive and ugly on purpose just to please their superiors who are their male bosses in the higher cl-ss corporate jobs. these egotistical women tend to speak for other women in general who don’t even wanted to be -ssociated with them. anti-feminist women go by an evil unethical segregation standard of choosing the women they see proper and flooding out the ones that are not. this is also know as selective breeding or eugenics. typical anti-feminist women usually have jobs in politics and corporate mainstream media. two prime examples of anti-feminist women include anita sarkeesian from abc news, and hilary clinton.
anita sarkeesian likes to please her male superiors by spewing garbage over the news attacking everything with no justification. she likes to target video game industries, religious people, non religious people, and anything else that will get her a promotion in the corporate america. she is not not a feminist because she doesn’t care about all women. anita sarkeesian is indeed an anti-feminist woman.
hilary clinton thinks women who were raped are trash. she only cares about the prestigious women. she is one of those anti-feminist women who strike fear into anyone that criticizes her. she is surrounded by male politicians who she clings onto in order for her to help her presidential candidacy.

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