destructive to or inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
contemporary examples

antibacterial soap is supposed to help you stay clean and healthy, right?
antibacterial soap’s deadly secret kent sepkowitz may 20, 2014

xylitol nasal spray – xylitol is a sugar alcohol and has antibacterial properties.
these are the 15 supplements to keep in your medicine cabinet ari meisel december 27, 2013

historical examples

they climbed up the ladder and said nothing as the airlock went through its cycle and the antibacterial spray covered them.
the judas valley gerald vance

hence the immunity may be antibacterial or ant-toxic or both.
the fundamentals of bacteriology charles bradfield morrey

effective against bacteria

antibacterial an·ti·bac·te·ri·al (ān’tē-bāk-tǐr’ē-əl, ān’tī-)
destroying or inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
an’ti·bac·te’ri·al n.

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    an agreement between the u.s. and u.s.s.r., signed may 26, 1972, limiting the number of abm deployment areas, launchers, and interceptors.

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  • Antibody-mediated immunity

    immunity conferred to an individual through the activity of b cells and their progeny, which produce circulating antibodies in response to the presence of a foreign substance and recognize the substance upon renewed exposure.

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