when you are greatly antic-p-ting p-ssy but don’t get it when you want it.
d-mn dude, the anticip-ssy is killing me, i want to get in there s-x bust a nut

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  • Chlamidatittyitis

    a serious condition in which ones whole v-g-n- and t-tties are fused together getting tremendously worse with each stage. “i’m afraid i do not bring good new ma’am.” “just spit it out doctor! what do i have?” “it’s…-pushes up gl-sses- chlamidat-ttyitis..”

  • cereal addiction

    an addiction to breakfast cereal(s) regardless of the location or time of day. i love to eat breaksfast at any time of the day, i have a cereal addiction.

  • sweezing

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  • Trump Salad

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