any of certain compounds or medicines that neutralize or inhibit the effect of in the body, used chiefly in the treatment of allergic disorders and colds.
historical examples

several years ago many such tests were carried out with antihistamines to prevent colds.
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any drug that neutralizes the effects of histamine, used esp in the treatment of allergies

1933, from anti- + histamine.

antihistamine an·ti·his·ta·mine (ān’tē-hĭs’tə-mēn’, -mĭn)
any of several drugs used to counteract the physiological effects of histamine.
an’ti·his’ta·mine’ adj.
any of various drugs that relieve cold or allergy symptoms by blocking the action of histamine.
antihistamines [(an-tee-his-tuh-meenz, an-tee-his-tuh-muhnz)]

drugs that counteract the effects of a substance in the body called histamine. the body releases histamine, which causes many of the symptoms -ssociated with allergies (sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose), in response to external agents such as pollen.

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