a brittle, l-strous, white metallic element occurring in nature free or combined, used chiefly in alloys and in compounds in medicine. symbol: sb; atomic number: 51; atomic weight: 121.75.
historical examples

antimony may also be calcined by mixing with that mineral an equal quant-ty of charcoal-dust.
elements of the theory and practice of chymistry, 5th ed. pierre joseph macquer

they do so even yet, and when antimony was administered there was no doubt about its working.
old-time makers of medicine james j. walsh

antimony ore was to be had in any quant-ties, and diamonds were likewise discovered.
the expedition to borneo of h.m.s. dido henry keppel

antimony acts as a trivalent element in the formation of a chloride.
an elementary study of chemistry william mcpherson

he observed that mercury unites with antimony much more intimately, by melting, than by rubbing them together.
elements of the theory and practice of chymistry, 5th ed. pierre joseph macquer

antimony is prepared from the sulphide in a very simple manner.
an elementary study of chemistry william mcpherson

regulus of antimony stands immediately underneath it, as being the metallic substance which has the greatest affinity with it.
elements of the theory and practice of chymistry, 5th ed. pierre joseph macquer

the eye of osiris opened its red ball outlined with antimony.
the works of theophile gautier, volume 5 theophile gautier

the proportion of the mixture is four of lead to one of antimony.
the printed book henri bouchot

there is also antimony in br-ss, concave mirrors, bell-metal, &c.
poisons: their effects and detection alexander wynter blyth

a toxic metallic element that exists in two allotropic forms and occurs princ-p-lly in stibnite. the stable form is a brittle silvery-white crystalline metal that is added to alloys to increase their strength and hardness and is used in semiconductors. symbol: sb; atomic no: 51; atomic wt: 121.757; valency: 0, –3, +3, or +5; relative density: 6.691; melting pt: 630.76°c; boiling pt: 1587°c

brittle metallic element, early 15c., from old french antimoine and directly from medieval latin antimonium, an alchemist’s term (used 11c. by constantinus afric-n-s), origin obscure, probably a latinization of greek stimmi “powdered antimony, black antimony” (a cosmetic used to paint the eyelids), from some arabic word (cf. al ‘othmud), unless the arabic word is from the greek or the latin is from arabic; probably ultimately from egyptian stm “powdered antimony.” in french folk etymology, anti-moine “monk’s bane” (from moine).

as the name of a pure element, it is attested in english from 1788. its chemical symbol sb is for stibium, the latin name for “black antimony,” which word was used also in english for “black antimony.”

antimony an·ti·mo·ny (ān’tə-mō’nē)
symbol sb
an element having several allotropes, the most common of which is a brittle, silver-white crystalline metal. it is used in alloys and in flame-proofing compounds. atomic number 51; atomic weight 121.76; melting point 630.6°c; boiling point 1,587°c; specific gravity 6.691; valence 3, 5.
symbol sb
a metalloid element having many forms, the most common of which is a hard, very brittle, shiny, blue-white crystal. it is used in a wide variety of alloys, especially with lead in car batteries, and in the manufacture of flameproofing compounds. atomic number 51; atomic weight 121.76; melting point 630.5°c (1,167°f); boiling point 1,380°c (2,516°f); specific gravity 6.691; valence 3, 5. see periodic table.

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