opposed, averse, or contrary; having or showing : they were antipathetic to many of the proposed changes.
causing or likely to cause :
the new management was antipathetic to all of us.
historical examples

it is antipathetic to him not only as a philosopher, but also as a great writer.
phaedrus plato

the whole place and everything about it was antipathetic to her.
the belton estate anthony trollope

she had never seen the lady before, and even now she did not find her antipathetic.
patsy s. r. crockett

cornélie was glad to meet at the hotel a dutch element that was not antipathetic.
the inevitable louis couperus

he is antipathetic, so far as one can see, to any movement for a better social system than we already possess.
the art of letters robert lynd

and even apart from that the ideals of the two men were antipathetic.
euripedes and his age gilbert murray

to the four black brothers, for instance, he was antipathetic in the highest degree.
the works of robert louis stevenson – swanston edition vol. xix (of 25) robert louis stevenson

what is there antipathetic in his nature to you, and in yours to him?
the red redmaynes eden phillpotts

but the men are very rare who generate their own spiritual revelations in some secluded corner of an antipathetic world.
the london mercury, vol. i, nos. 1-6, november 1919 to april 1920 various

to their italian temperament she had seemed too cold a type, too antipathetic, to be a danger.
the t-tle market emily post

(often foll by to) having or arousing a strong aversion

1630s “having an antipathy for,” from an adjectival construction from greek antipathein (see antipathy). related: antipathetical (c.1600); antipathetically.

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