of the nature of or involving .
directly opposed or contrasted; opposite.
contemporary examples

this kind of att-tude should be ant-thetical to feminist thought because it is infantilizing to women.
what do dems have against women? kirsten powers october 7, 2010

he insists that the leading catholic university in america ought not to bestow honors on someone of ant-thetical views.
showdown at notre dame christopher buckley april 9, 2009

this latter approach is ant-thetical to peace and a two-state solution, now or in the future.
the siren call of israeli unilateralism lara friedman june 17, 2012

trying to use it do so is ant-thetical to the achievement of peace and the two-state solution.
exploiting jews from arab countries lara friedman august 1, 2012

yet anders gravers is in fact a bona fide xenophobe whose views are ant-thetical to freedom.
the opponents of militant islamism are often as bigoted as their targets jacob mchangama december 6, 2013

historical examples

it is true that for many years, and with some justification, socialism was looked upon as ant-thetical to liberalism.
readings on fascism and national socialism various

explain the opposite inflections on ant-thetical words and phrases.
the ontario high school reader a.e. marty

the name was not adopted as ant-thetical to, or distinctive from, “confederate,” as some seem to have imagined.
the rise and fall of the confederate government, vol. 1 (of 2) jefferson davis

why speak of the g-d of nature and the g-d of grace as two ant-thetical terms?
glaucus charles kingsley

not having at hand the simile synthetical, we have resorted to the ant-thetical.
jacob faithful captain frederick marryat

of the nature of ant-thesis
directly contrasted

1580s, from greek ant-thetikos “setting in opposition,” from ant-thetos “placed in opposition” (see ant-thetic) + -al (1). related: ant-thetically.

“containing an ant-thesis,” c.1600, from greek ant-thetikos “setting in opposition,” from ant-thetos “placed in opposition,” from ant-thesis (see ant-thesis).

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