1. a songwriker
2. another word for snaggletooth
1. yo – that songwriter is a cool antomop!
2. he appears to have a shiner of an antomop in his mouth!

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  • *n*s raper

    one who forcefully restrains and -n-ly penetrates another unwilling human or animal. also used as an insult 1. jim is an -n-s raper, he f-ck-d her in the -ss. 2. you little -n-s raper!

  • avatarvert

    someone who socializes extensively online but is quite awkward face-to-face. when we met in person he was really shy, but when we’re gaming online he’s a total avatarvert.

  • azure knight

    the nickname of nightmare in the soul series run for your live’s it’s the azure knight!

  • azzho

    “-sshole” pr-nounced in a chinese accent chinese dad: you azzho, you forgot to go to work!! chinese son: i am just four (and he cries)…..(stops crying)you b-tch

  • bonepilot

    noun a derogitory term describing a person who is a b-n-r, jack-ss, douchebag, etc. to be a pilot of your own p-n-s. to play with your p-n-s like it was a flight stick. that guy in that lowered honda thinks he’s a bad-ss. what a bonepilot.

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