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  • any minute

    when taylor swift wants to kill you #welcometonewyork will be up on itunes any minute now.

  • Are you fucking my ass?

    1: another term for are you f-cking kidding me. 2: a queshtions girls use when you stick it in the wrong hole. 1:” denisa totally f-cked you in halo” “are you f-cking my -ss” 2: ” babe” “yea” “are you f-cking my -ss?”

  • Asspiphany

    when a guy that doesn’t necessarily care for -sses sees a girl that gives him a newfound respect for -sses. “did you see mackenzie in those jeans?” “yeah. i think i just had an -sspiphany!”

  • asta iris

    there’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes. her smile is the first smell of spring, her laughter the sound of thin ice cracking and silver bells ringing. when you meet her, she becomes your present, your future, even your past, and you can’t stop wanting to be near her. to feel her. […]

  • afro puffs

    very curly, usually afro (kinky) textured hair that is pulled into two or more ponytails. the hair, instead of hanging down like straighter and less thick textures, will “puff” out into a spherical shape. like most styles involving mostly unaltered afro-textured hair, the longer the length hair would be if it were straightened, the larger […]

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