s-xy piece of sh-t
im anula f-ck me

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  • closet camper

    someone who is so g-y wears high heals talks g-y and still try’s to say they not g-y even when friends ask them you are a closet camper adrian. just come out all ready we know you are g-y

  • parneel

    a person who love kfc chicken and likes to deport goats to afghanistan. he is smart and loves chicken he has almost made chickens go extinct look at the parneel eating chicken at kfc

  • saint paddys day

    english term for st patrick’s day, as an irish person would never say this. trump, saint paddy’s day isn’t spelt with a double “t” you muppet. and take that stupid cap off. you look like an eejit.

  • shady bunch

    a shady bunch is a group of people, who are shady and have been divorced or have caused a divorce. they then use their shady power and cowardness to come together into a brady bunch type family. the shady bunch, the shady bunch, that’s the way they became the shady bunch d-mn that crystal and […]

  • gurhurt

    a gurhurt is a normal person who does something so astoundingly asinine that we have to stop and shake our heads. i can’t believe you sunk your car while pulling your boat out of the water, you are such a gurhurt.

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