1) it means full of life; charming; dignified
2) showers of flowers; first flower of a plant
3) rays of the sun; lightning
if i were to name my child who is extremely exuberant and intellectual; i think i would choose -n-shka quite literally…
a term of dignity and intellect
wow, how -n-shka of you
1. (noun): the state of mind of utter and complete awesomeness
2. (adj.): gorgeous, stunning, incredible, and simultaneously maniacal
1. wow look at her, she’s in an -n-shka
2. d-mn that girl is hot, but she’s crazyy… she’s such an -n-shka
the act of being incredibly amazing, unique, perfect, flawed, energetic, entertaining, confused, peaceful, intuitive, and dangerously flammable simultaneously, refer to zombism , perv , shizzle , guru and xd for more information.
1. omg, betty, look at her b-tt. it’s so.. -n-shka.
2. a: wow, check out that new girl.
b: her -n-shkaness blinds me!
c: it’s… so… beautiful!! -tear-

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