when someone gives u anxiety
stefani makes me anxieted everyday

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  • papi n*gg*

    a guy who is mixed with spanish and black. tez is a fine -ss papi n-gg-. if he’s black and calls you mami, he’s a papi n-gg-. i love when my papi n-gg- speaks to me in spanish.

  • sleep tation

    falling asleep before a youtube meditation, and then performing said meditation in ones sleep. i was watching youtube—a meditation channel, and then i fell asleep—right before a manifestation meditation, and it worked—sleep-tation!

  • f*ckboy 101

    f-ck boy 101 is the guy that thinks he can have who ever he wants. he will only hang out on his time, and keep you waiting for days for a response. they generally get their feelings hurt over little things. they are never wrong and always the one that was “hurt” by ypur actions […]

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    a dumb-ss who embarr-sses himself on social media and or gaming platforms guy 1 ; “yo, didn’t you play with atroxthirstyemu ?” guy 2; “yeah, he was a r-t-rd.”

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