the feeling of immense nervousness or fear , that can only be cured by the help of the cute guy/girl that you cant get out of your head
girl 1 : this anxiety is killing me
girl 2: you should see daniel to make you feel better
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a small word which can describe a large set of emotions, which usually can be worry, worried, frightened, scared, paranoid, feeling persecuted right up to schizophrenia/paranoid schitzophrenia.

anxiety, within reason, is just a part of life; everybody experiences at some point. it is connected to the fight or flight syndrome that we, as have all animals, have deep within us, enabling us to survive.

it can become a problem when anxiety takes over most of your feelings and therefore, your life. there are many medical definitions of this state of being, such as generalised anxiety disorder, non-specific anxiety disorder, persecution complex and many more. if necessarry, there are medications/drugs available to help alleviate the symptoms and sometimes tackle the cause of these anxiety states.

if a diagnosis does not include one of the main mental illnesses, then it’s often likely people will be prescribed one brand from a group of benzodiazepine drugs: the most well known of these is probably valium. these drugs are addictive, can cause nasty side effects and long term side effects and, if used for too long can actually make the original problem worse, with paradoxical effects. the withdrawal from this drug can result in some of the worst withdrawal symptoms known, and can last for years.

if prescribed a {benzodiazepine] it should be for no longer than a two week period what has become known as talking cures are a safer, cheaper alternative and can actually do something to help the original problem, rather than just masking it.

in some cases, such as paranoid schitzophrenia drugs, usually anti psychotics, can be of great help and allow the sufferer to live a far more ‘normal’ life.

anxiety is just a state of mind, and, even when having a panic attack and it feels as if you may die, emotions are not generally known to kill you.
my palms felt sweaty and i was sure i was going red in the face, as i stood in the line for the bus. i was begining to feel more and more anxious and the more i thought about it, the worse it got. eventually, the anxiety took control of me and i started to panic. i left the bus stop, ran home and didn’t attend the job interview.
what are the types of anxiety disorders?

there are several recognized types of anxiety disorders, including:

panic disorder: people with this condition have feelings of terror that strike suddenly and repeatedly with no warning. other symptoms of a panic attack include sweating, chest pain, palpitations (unusually strong or irregular heartbeats), and a feeling of choking, which may make the person feel like he or she is having a heart attack or “going crazy.”

social anxiety disorder: also called social phobia, social anxiety disorder involves overwhelming worry and self-consciousness about everyday social situations. the worry often centers on a fear of being judged by others, or behaving in a way that might cause embarr-ssment or lead to ridicule.

specific phobias: a specific phobia is an intense fear of a specific object or situation, such as snakes, heights, or flying. the level of fear is usually inappropriate to the situation and may cause the person to avoid common, everyday situations.

generalized anxiety disorder: this disorder involves excessive, unrealistic worry and tension, even if there is little or nothing to provoke the anxiety.
what causes anxiety disorders?

the exact cause of anxiety disorders is unknown; but anxiety disorders — like other forms of mental illness — are not the result of personal weakness, a character flaw, or poor upbringing. as scientists continue their research on mental illness, it is becoming clear that many of these disorders are caused by a combination of factors, including changes in the brain and environmental stress.

like other brain illnesses, anxiety disorders may be caused by problems in the functioning of brain circuits that regulate fear and other emotions. studies have shown that severe or long-lasting stress can change the way nerve cells within these circuits transmit information from one region of the brain to another. other studies have shown that people with certain anxiety disorders have changes in certain brain structures that control memories linked with strong emotions. in addition, studies have shown that anxiety disorders run in families, which means that they can at least partly be inherited from one or both parents, like the risk for heart disease or cancer. moreover, certain environmental factors — such as a trauma or significant event — may trigger an anxiety disorder in people who have an inherited susceptibility to developing the disorder.
in relation to smoking marijuana, anxiety refers to the feeling you sometimes get after excessive smoking- your mind starts to wander, your heart beats harder and faster, you need to take the occasional deep breath, your stomach feels hollow and everything around you makes you paranoid.
“i was having a smoke in my car and started to get anxiety after my tenth cone in a row..”

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