another word used for onion, a party-p–per
john: hey, why are you crying?

alex: cause i’m cutting up an anyen!

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  • Aphrodickey

    a p-n-s with a huge afro bush. combining the words aphrodite and d-ck. girl 1: so how was it? girl 2: the guy had an aphrod-ckey. it ticked my cooter!

  • AP Girl

    girls in high school with no life that take ap cl-sses. they study all the time, and do not know what is going on in other cl-sses. they are smart and will give you the answers to a question. they use flash cards and read their books all the time. they always apear stressed becauze […]

  • A.P.J.W.F

    arm pit juice with fuzz .to put in a head lock would you like a gl-ss full of a.p.j.w.f?

  • Apladauscing

    adjective,verb,noun,adverb… everything else apladauscing can be used to describe anything, it means anything and everything. fatty-d:my boss said i was apladauscing today. guy who doesn’t give a flying f-ck: you apladausce alot, you selfish f-ck.

  • apocraphyl

    exceedingly bad, worthless, or ire-inspiring. did you see rex grossman’s terrible performance in the super bowl? he was downright apocr-phyl.

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