i mean, its just any good but missing a sp-ce, like for real, is it that easy to define a word on this website?
noah is not anygood at anything, cause anybody can do anything and everything to disturb or rustle his jimmies

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  • yazara

    the most unique person you will ever meet, she is stunningly beautiful, smart, sweet, funny. she will steal your heart away, but you better not betray her or she will beat the sh-t out of you cuz she a scary person. “d-mn that girl is soooooo cute and sweet, she is such a yazara.”

  • leiolani

    a name in hawaiian which can mean lei of the heavens, heavenly lei, etc. usually is a boss -ss b-tch and doesnʻt take sh-t from anyone. ho brah leiolani doesnʻt take any sh-t

  • throw a pineapple at a wall

    to -j-c-l-t- on a wall i’m going to go throw a pineapple at a wall real quick.

  • anal swag

    when a chick f-cks a dude behind her boyfriend back are you -n-l swagging me?

  • off to narnia

    when you can’t find some(one/thing)so you say it is off to narnia. guy 1: where’s jon? guy 2: he’s off to narnia.

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