pomegranates suck
anythingally blah blah blah abby is a loser.

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    desiraee is a big booty ho who does anything she possibbly can for crack cocaine. she is what you would call “your average crack wh-r-“. usually likes bbc. or 8 ways wow look at desiraee workin that grind again for crack.

  • Mondorffing

    to mondorff or mondorffing is the act in which an individual white girl who claims to be korean defends the entire asian race as a whole. “that weeb is mondorffing again!” “what a mondorff!” to mondorff or mondorffing is the act in which an individual white girl who identifies as korean defends the entire asian […]

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    when someone looks at a guy in a swimsuit, or in tight boxers, and misinterprets the size of the p-n-s in it. usually, bulge misinterpretation (or bmi) is only used when the estimate was in the favour of the estimand, i.e. several sizes too large. “i met him in the swimming pool, and i really […]

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    perma-kick is an alternative way of saying permaban. it is used strictly on teamspeak and the phrase can be heard when a player is about to be banned from the server. david: alright that’s enough i’ve had it with your bullsh-t andy, i’m going to perma-kick you. andy: oh sh-t dude please don’t! ryan: guys […]

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    when you give a female a wedgie and her outer l-b– curl around the panties. essentially a fleshy wedgie. that girl has been trolling me for weeks, i’m going to give her a fledgie.

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