AOL Keyword

logic-minded shortcut function of the popular internet browser america online. over 50,000 exist and each one typically defies and escapes the logic of the aol customer, much to the chagrin of the aol customer care consultant on the other end of the phone.
customer: “how do i change my billing information? i tried aol keyword “modify my financial information” and nothing came up!

customer care consultant: “umm… did you try aol keyword “billing”?

customer: “ohhhhhhh!”

customer care consultant: -sigh-
putting emphasis on something, someone, or some point. mainly used for nouns and adjactives, it can be used for verbs as well.
omg someone put this word on definithing. aol keyword i invented this phrase!


person 1: all you ever do is talk about your future. can’t you think or at least talk about anything else?
person 2: h-llo, aol keyword ambition. i want to achieve my goals and dreams, nothing is going to stop me.
person 1: try aol keyword loser
person 2: when i’m enjoying my life, have a great family, and making large amounts of money, you’ll be officially pwned.
person 1: right… whatever.
used in a conversation to emphasize a point.
“i don’t think she knows yet.”
“aol keyword: ‘yet’.”

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