an acronym for -sshole of the day, a daily award given to the person who has been the biggest -sshole in the past 24 hours. a number of behaviors can win one aotd. these actions include but are not limited to: being an -sshole, raw d-gg-ng, ditching your friends, driving drunk, performing a bus flip, and wearing sungl-sses when it’s cloudy and overcast. not to be confused with aotw (-sshole of the week): a highly coveted award among -ssholes everywhere
after getting drunk and raw d-gg-ng someone else’s girl, he was awarded aotd.

you’re in the running for aotd right now!
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-ss of the day… in other words, the best woman’s -ss of the day 🙂
d-mn dat girl’s got the aotd!!!
army of the deranged
no, we are not recruiting…
a.o.t.d. senior officials: helmut, meathouse, along with several of our agents in america. others throughout the world are watching you.
an acronym for “avatar of the day”.
“your avatar sucks. why don’t you go check out the aotd?”

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