1)an official policy (now ended) of racial segregation and white supremacy enforced by the south african government. it was used to limit the governing power and place of residence of non-white people.
2)apartness, or being set apart
i couldn’t get in to the club because of the bouncers apartheid
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obviously # 2 is a racist b-st-rd who thinks being white ent-tles him to whatever he wants. apartheid was really a system of government designed by the nationalist party to keep the white minority of south africa in power. it was an unjust system that dehumanized millions of blacks just because some afrikaners were scared of being a minority. apartheid was abolished in 1994 and since then south africa has had its share of social problems but racial equality is becoming more and more prominent.
hey you kaffir, you can’t go there that’s only for white europeans.

screw you b-tch apartheid is over!
the opposition of political correctness
apartheid is not good , but it’s better than political correctness
1. a segregation of race that took place in south africa.

2. a wicked system of considering a race more genetically superior
because of taking a religion literally when it’s conveniant to that superior race.

3. the outcome of jerusalem syndrome.

4. the ethnic cleasing process used against native americans to be later tested on south africans.

5. the humiliating thank you to the palestinian people for protecting jewish people during the holocaust.

6. the act of cleansing the streets from youths at risk, b-ms, hippies, people who don’t want anything to do with society and sticking them in christian ran shelters, or jail.
if europeans can stay in new zealand and the americas long enough to concider themselves natives of the land then why can’t palestians? this should be considered an apartheid. what makes abrahamic religions mo sacred than aboriginal religions.
when stupid blacks were legally used as slave labour to promote a white supremist society. coincedently during this time period the economy, health-care services and average household income increased substatially. the blacks were only taught the skills they were most suited to, namely physical labor and household upkeep. eg gardening and shovelling.

surprisingly after apartheid ended things like corruption, theft, rape (especially babies), farm murders(zimbabwe!!!), hi-jacking, satanism, suicide, white unemployment, aids, racism, tax evasion, theft(i repeated it because it increased that much) and every other crime known to man increased.

conversely the value of the rand, healthcare services, housing, and basic ammenties decreased.

g-d bless the f-cking anc and black empowerment…
hey kaffer, kom sny my gras en ek sal nie vir jou doodskiet nie. ja ons miss vir apartheid.

nelson mandela: “eeish. i loved apartheid…..eeish…haibo…”

hey im getting my apartheid on, my n-gg-.

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