apathy (n.) – a complete lack of giving a f-ck.
she was so apathetic about drawing that she didn’t even color within the lines.

my mother is the queen of apathy; she doesn’t care about anything.
i don’t really feel like writing a definition..
i have to use the word apathy in a sentence? ugh..
a complete lack of emotion or motivation, whether directed towards a person, activity, or object.

while it can often be confused with stoicism, apathy is much worse than merely not showing feelings, as the person who is apathetic has no feelings.
sadly, the most likely cause of the world’s problems is that no one seems to care about anything anymore. apathy is truly entropy.
a solution for all the world’s problems.
apathy. if no one cares, there’s no problem.
a lack of care, feeling, or any kind of emotion. both negative and positive. also known as being to lazy to be lazy.
see meh
“your so apathetic!”
being in a state of indifference, or not caring one away or another.

for instance; lacking p-ssion, motivation and desire, possibly due to emotional supression- leading to one becoming apathetic about their situation.
person 1: “what’s apathy?”

person 2: “i don’t know, and i don’t care.”
apathy is the soul-rotting, civilization-ending, rationalization that, since it is difficult to change entrenched inst-tutions, it is better to p-ssively allow them to segregate, vitiate, or annihilate whilst we contemplate, procrastinate, and exculpate in the ennui that is the luxury of those just beyond the earshot of oppression.
i suppose i should vote for someone in the next election, but, because i feel only apathy, i’ll just let rich people decide who should run the country.
hiphop recording artist.

though the name implies lethargy, apathy’s work-ethic has been anything but. many know him as a founding member of the demigodz crew (which also includes styles of beyond, celph t-tled, 7l & esoteric and rise) where he joined the rest of his crew in releasing 2002’s critically acclaimed ep, the g-dz must be crazy, (the same ep that led to a major-label bidding war for his services). furthermore, apathy has paid his dues with a series of 12’ releases and has also made guest appearances on lp’s from linkin park’s mike shinoda (fort minor lp), sage francis, styles of beyond, jedi mind tricks, louis logic. in addition to having his music appear on the hit tv series csi: miami, ap has also released a series of highly circulated mixtapes; including 2003’ it’s the bootleg m-th-f-ckas! vol.1 and 2004’s ironically ent-tled where’s your alb-m; which was highlighted by his reworking of depeche mode’s “personal jesus” and the white stripes “seven nation army” (“it takes a seven nation army to hold us back”).
apathy bangs out some busting beats.

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