f-cked by an ape
my m8 apef-cked today

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  • dick inside butt

    a d-ck in a persones b-tt. wow that was such a d-ck inside b-tt move. a s-xual act

  • Dirty Load

    when a guy hasn’t busted a nut in a while, say 4-7 days, and his j-zz is extra thick and gooey. also slightly yellowish tinge to it. his girl would probably have to chew it before swallowing it. dude, i dropped huge dirty load in nikki’s mouth last night. she literally had to chew before […]

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    clickbate (on youtube) that has an extremely alluring or disgusting thumbnail of donald trump. it really makes you want to watch it. guy 1: hey dude, check out this video i found of donald trump! -scrolls down to video guy 2: wow. that’s some serious trumpbate… #trump #bate #donald

  • Rundy

    -ss hole owner of parkway pools and is the sp-wn of the devil!!! it’s one thing to own your own business, don’t be a rundy

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    a drink comprised of come, cherry syrup, lime concentrate, and lemon i ordered a jonesy mcadams last njght #jonesy

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