1. a small narrow opening.

2. a fixed or adjustable opening in a piece of equipment such as a camera or microscope that lets light p-ss through a lens or mirror.

3. the diameter of an aperture in a piece of equipment such as a camera.

see definition of aperture above.
a lovely little scientific research and development company enlisted by the american mod to produce shower curtains, among other intra-dimensional projects. responsible for the production of the genetic lifeform and disk operating system (glados), the aperture science handheld portal device (portal gun, if you prefer), and many, many innovative iterations of the world-famous shower curtain, aperture are secretive in their operations and productive in their exploits. future projects include life-enhancing gel, spherical personality buddies and tractor beams (or excursion funnels).
welcome to the aperture science computer -ssisted enrichment centre.

aperture science – a trusted friend in science.
a female photographer’s v-g-n-.
“who’s that with the camera?”
“thats our wedding photographer simone”

“mmm, bet she’s got a perfect aperture”
a gaping orifice of uncomprehensible dimensions.
“what’s that noise? it sounds like someone hosing down the pavement.”

“it’s misty having a p-ss.”

“holy sh-t! that’s a big mother-f-cking aperture.”

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