a s-xy, muscualr man, especially one with intense s-xual charisma.

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  • aphephobia

    an extreme fear of being touched, which ranges from simply feeling uneasy when being touched to feeling a sharp pain simply by being brushed at. me and my friend are both aphephobic. we both have aphephobia. mine is way more severe than her’s, though. if you touch me, it feels like burning fire and i […]

  • b*tt sniffer

    a person who sniffs b-tts. see p–phole sniffer one who enjoys waiting around to smell a fresh fart that his friend cut. then acts suprised that it stinks. owen is a total b-ttsniffer. he did not leave right away after jon ripped one. or a voldemort; somebody who should not be named. someone who follows […]

  • b*tt s*ckage

    an unpleasant experience, place or event. trash, noise, pollution, and antisocial behavior are examples of b-tt suckage. the subjective experience of aversion to the environment, e.g., anxiety, nausea, anger and depression.

  • bweed

    bweed is bud and weed, it simply means you stumbled apon a good nug of some high grade mary jane. you’ll probably be really stoned lol.. we’ll we were all sitting in the back of holly car, all of us as in holly, jess, dana, nai, and eve. dana eve and jess were sitting in […]

  • bweet

    a female with a lot of pubic hair. look at her bikini line, you can see her b- weet! also known as an -ss trumpet or a b-tt screech. an extremely high pitched explosion from nether-regions of -ss canyons. this is generally limited to females, but has been known to grace the sphincter of h-m-‘s […]

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