apex savagery

savagery at its finest
ao: in response to the failure to come thru on life, “contextual nihilism is a excuse for fear”
c: “d-mn son that’s some apex savagery”

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    someone who cant c-m at the age of 12 or higher and lies about it to fit in and not get made fun of. friend:yo are you an ethlaln? the ethlaln:no i can c-m i could since i was 9 .


    an acronym for “finger in the booty -ss b-tch” d-mn kyle is a f-cking fibab

  • Sentry Bing-Bong

    a mean robot who comes to ruin a fine engineer’s day… sentry bing-bongs are usually fast and look like those mines from the one scene of finding nemo look out! here comes a sentry bing-bong! kill it before our engineer gets rekt! #tf2 #mvm #sentrybuster #nope #engineer #ded

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