apollo nice

the act of being nice to someone undeserving, unnecessarily so, to the point of physical strain or exhaustion.
i’m getting fed up with this. i was being apollo nice to him and he just blew me off again.

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  • grand canyoning

    the action of licking a b-tt hole on a rim to rim journey. “i spent all night grand canyoning that hoe brenna.”

  • raydz

    a protector of a group. oh no! somethings happening, get raydz!

  • applies

    legitimate or true this f-ckin’ applies…to our lives. to smoke weed. let’s apply and watch up in smoke.

  • bread eye

    (like pink-eye) – to fart through a ham sandwich into ones eye and cause seepy,swollen, very red eyes.a.k.a sh-t- eye “here mate, i just gave your sl-tty b-tch a bread eye!” “i gave you a wholemeal sh-t- eye.”

  • you're a pants

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