inflammation of the .
historical examples

a soldier who lost his speech at the battle of loos has recovered it as the result of an operation for appendicitis.
punch, or the london charivari, volume 150, may 24, 1916 various

but, after all, it does “stage” more prettily than appendicitis or typhoid.
a history of the french novel, vol. 2 george saintsbury

the man’s whole appearance, all his actions, his eager grasping of the appendicitis theory, proclaimed insanity.
stanford stories charles k. field

but i had to go and get appendicitis, and they took me to the hospital.
the book of humorous verse various

appendicitis, unrecognized until later, must have been common, and heart disease probably went undiagnosed.
medicine in virginia, 1607-1699 thomas p. hughes

that nice boy has been telling me that he has had appendicitis.
the independence of claire mrs. george de horne vaizey

it is an event in the voyage, just as the appendicitis operation is an event in life.
ship-bored julian street

how can you tell the difference between colic and appendicitis?
a handbook of health woods hutchinson

appendicitis is a mark, not a result, of a high grade of civilization.
preventable diseases woods hutchinson

“i believe he’s got appendicitis,” announced fitz, gazing up at us.
pluck on the long trail edwin l. sabin

inflammation of the vermiform appendix

1886, from latin stem of appendix + -itis.

appendicitis ap·pen·di·ci·tis (ə-pěn’dĭ-sī’tĭs)
inflammation of the vermiform appendix.
inflammation of the appendix, usually caused by a blockage or infection.
appendicitis [(uh-pen-duh-seye-tis)]

inflammation of the appendix.

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    a small appendage. historical examples appendicle: a small appendix: in some bees, a small sclerite at tip of labrum. explanation of terms used in entomology john. b. smith noun a small appendage

  • Appendicolithiasis

    appendicolithiasis appendicolithiasis ap·pen·di·co·li·thi·a·sis (ə-pěn’dĭ-kō-lĭ-thī’ə-sĭs) n. concretions in the vermiform appendix.

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    appendico- appendico- pref. vermiform appendix: appendicolithiasis.

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    appendicostomy appendicostomy ap·pen·di·cos·to·my (ə-pěn’dĭ-kŏs’tə-mē) n. surgical opening of the tip of the veriform appendix to irrigate the bowel.

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    appendicular artery appendicular artery n. the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the vermiform appendix. historical examples point of accession to appendix of proximal branch of appendicular artery derived from posterior ileo-ccal artery. the anatomy of the human peritoneum and abdominal cavity george. s. huntington

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