Apple Fanboy

people that are addicted to spending their money on apple products.
im not going to use android. im an apple fanboy.
1. a person who believes in almost anything that apple says and gives into it’s marketing strategy. 2. a prime target for apple marketers to impose their superfluously costing products to. 3. a person who honestly believes that windows xp or vista is archaic, inferior, does not work, or just plain ripped off ideas from the mac os. 4. one who waits in line for days in some instances, for apple keynote speeches. 5. one who believes adding an “i” prefix to anything is automatically superior to anything that does not have an “i” in front of it.
most apple fanboys will possess three or more of the following:

1. ipod
2. iphone
3. macbook
4. imac
5. mac pro
6. 3 or more apple connector cables
7. a membership at

a single-layered thinking drone originally thought to exist in only small numbers. to help them -ssimilate into the real world, a computer with only simple functions so that the drones don’t get confused was created. eventually, more products were produced after it was discovered that the number or drones are in the millions. while scientists have been unable to find ways to increase brain performance in this species, a corporation named “apple” has had financial success in at least convincing that the drone specimen is vastly superior to that of everything else.
a specimen of “apple fanboy” of this species will act partially r-t-rded.
a person who fits at least one of the following:

1. only knows how to use a mac and cannot handle a pc, gets very frustrated using one.

2. thinks that macs’ hardware are much better (although statistically their failure rates are not that different than other laptops).

3. over exaggerate his/her p-ssion for mac products. e.g. i -need- an ipad to read my newspaper and magazines.

4. uses apple as a status symbol.

5. buys a new mac product without knowing the prominent features. e.g. gps and facetime in iphone 4.

6. thinks he/she is technologically savvy but actually knows very little about technology e.g. does not know the difference between 3g and edge, 3g versus wi-fi.

7. owns many mac products and is very proud of it.

8. feels ent-tled to get a new mac product on launch day and get unreasonably angry when failing to do so.

9. has absolutely no idea what open source is.

10. thinks that the new features that apple introduces are ground-breaking even though they had been available for years. e.g. 3g, mult-tasking.

11. when their apple products fail instead of admitting that macs can fail sometimes just like pcs, focus on how amazing the experience of getting it replaced at the genius bar.

12. although macs are better than a pc in some areas (and vice versa), does not know any of the evidences; just -think- that macs are better.

13. feels special and cool to own a mac product although it is no longer a cult to own a mac product, unlike 10 years ago.
i just think macs are better. i’m not an apple fanboy though.
someone who bows before an apple shrine 2 times a day (sunrise and sunset). usually ignorant and having a go at microsoft and google nerds.
– have you seen that ignorant pr-ck applefboy spreading his cr-p about microsoft all over twitter?
– yeah, what an apple fanboy!
(n) a person who owns a macbook, ipod, iphone, and ipad, doesn’t work in graphic design or something that would justify owning all apple products, is probably a hipster working on their screenplay, and who believes that somehow, that makes them better than you.
fanboy: “you use a pc? oh, this? it’s just my macbook air. i’m using it to write my memoirs. macs don’t get viruses, you know.”

human: “you’re an apple fanboy, and i’m going to immediately disregard anything you say about technology ever.”
annoying sh-ts who think every single apple product/feature is revolutionary, even though it was on something else before
omg iphone 4s has 8mp camera oomg omg.
dude, theres a 12mp camera on the nokie n8
shut up they copied ittttt
apple fanboys are annoying
an advocate of apple/mac products.
tyler is such an apple fanboy he would buy an itoaster if apple sold toasters!

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