1. a piece of software in a computing enviroment.

2. a (legal) form which contains data required to obtain or to inform. eg; to apply for a job, …
“that application keeps on crashing my system!”

“we will be needing your application, in order to evaluate you.”
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as in the form/doc-ment, either on paper, or electronic.
applications are dreaded tools used to measure the abilities of a person. generally biased, these applications are filled out be the person who is the subject of these talent measurements.
applications can include those for work, college/grad school, and the much mocked, match-making websites.
things to put on a college application:
avoid the inclusion of those below average, and any grade below an a. if you only have one a in your high school career, have the decency to pretend you have others. remember, high gpa’s look good.

if you are an a-hole of a student, don’t get a reference from a teacher. pick up a few pieces of garbage while the janitor is watching, and have him recommend you. maybe bribe him, but no more that 5 dollars. that would be tacky.
test scores.
don’t take the tests, just write down whatever you feel like. don’t score yourself too high, for most people, a 300 on the sat is enough of a stretch. it’s out of 2400, you know.
extra curriculars and/or services performed.
s-xual favors do not count for this, unless you bone a virgin. this is a service. providing others with new experiences is never a bad thing.

things to include in a job application:

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