a word that sounds so similar to another word that it’s often mistaken for, or erroneously used in place of, the correct word.
misspoken figures of speech are often ripe with approxiphones. for example, “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes” or “old timer’s disease” instead of “alzheimer’s disease”.

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  • brass magnet

    an object used in canadian military forces to haze rookies -ssigned to their first duty unit. for example- “private, go get a br-ss magnet.” “what for, sir?” “eases the collection of spent ‘munition casings.” “on it, sir” -snickers-

  • mud thot

    a country girl with hoe like tendencies. these types of girls are mostly seen hanging around atv parks. “look at that girl flirting with my man, she is such a mud thot”.

  • kapprunka

    en tävling som går ut på att i grupp, runka snabbast och därtill ejakulera. ett ord konstruerat av verben ‘runka’ och ‘kapplöpa’. brukar användas som en indirekt fråga för att belysa att någon/några verkar vara h-m-s-xuella. – ska ni hem och kapprunka nu eller? – vi är inte h-m-s-xuella! #bög #gay #h-m- #h-m-s-xuell #runka #masturbrate […]

  • dickfrotata

    a man putting his p-n-s into a soft sh-ll taco and puts all the taco topping on it and then has a large hispanic woman eat it while sucking his d-ck. consuela my wife is out of town, have you eaten lunch yet if not come and eat this d-ckfrotata

  • fucking ducker fuck

    something you scream when you’re in trouble in a horror game bob: oh sh-t…he’s right there… -bob gets jumpscared- bob: f-cking ducker f-ck!!!

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