a legendary indian tribe that owns the mightiest castles in all of india. often known for their red lips and bleached -ssholes, the patriarch of aquazar is currently the mayor of india and owns over 17 rupees, half of india’s gdp.

the aquazar lineage was founded when grandpa gupta was freed from slavery in 1317 bce and made over 11 rupees in the curry trade. grandpa gupta proceeded to buy the mightiest castle in all of india, with over 7 highways to cr-p on. grandpa gupta’s descendants would go on to increase the aquazar fortune by over 50%, but soon became known for their poor personal hygiene, often going as far as to be on the same street as an untouchable, with many even considering the aquazar clan to be untouchables themselves. this poor personal hygiene makes the aquazar clan uncomfortable when you attempt to touch them without first bathing in 176 cubic feet of curry, as your cleanliness makes them feel like all triggered and sh-t.
there are also some allegations that the aquazar clan is from pakistan and not india, but this can be easily disproved by noting the aquazar clan’s generous donations to the indian military, consisting of over 3 elephants and 1200 pounds of curry.
all hail mighty aquazar, lord of the twelve hundred trillion citizens of great india.

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