an ancient roman city at the northern end of the adriatic: founded in 181 b.c.; destroyed by attila in a.d. 452.
historical examples

the fearful crash of blood and fire in which aquileia and padua fell smote venice into existence.
opening ceremonies of the new york and brooklyn bridge, may 24, 1883 william c. kingsley

aquileia, fathers of, ascribe the origin of unity to peter, 242.
st. peter, his name and his office thomas w. allies

if we compare trier and aquileia, we see how men’s minds are worked on by local circ-mstances and local -ssociations.
sketches from the subject and neighbour lands of venice edward a. freeman

some years before, the patriarch of aquileia was p-ssing through spires.
the age of erasmus p. s. allen

the battle between the two armies was fought near aquileia, in the year 394.
a history of germany bayard taylor

aquileia, contributions of wine and wheat from, remitted, xii.
the letters of c-ssiodorus c-ssiodorus (aka magnus aurelius c-ssiodorus senator)

a map of aquileia in the fifteenth century is to be had, and it is wise to take it to the top of the tower.
sketches from the subject and neighbour lands of venice edward a. freeman

the port of aquileia had long been the emporium of a trade which reached northwards to the danube and eastward to byzantium.
stray studies from england and italy john richard greene

should they cross the apennines and blot out rome as they had blotted out aquileia from among the cities of the world?
the great events by famous historians, volume 4 various

but aquileia had felt the full fury of invaders who came, not to occupy or to settle, but simply to destroy.
sketches from the subject and neighbour lands of venice edward a. freeman

a town in ne italy, at the head of the adriatic: important roman centre, founded in 181 bc pop: 3329 (2001)

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