eastern armenian way of saying dude
ara, es ov a?! = dude, who is this?!
-a man who uses the word “aka” as a form of expression for any situation.
-also, a big fan of the phrase “no d-mn ____”

g:they ran out of game blunts.

aras: no d-mn mysp-ce!!
aras is sara spelled backwards. also can be a great nickname for someone named sara. this is great because people can pr-nounce it like her-ss and the person that made it up can say -ss with out getting in trouble. ha ha very funny.

jackson: hey sara did you know that ur name backwards is aras?

sara: oh thats nice.

shane: so how you doin her-ss! her-ss her-ss her-ss!!!

sara:i will kill you!
1. crazy, _____ boy (where the blank may change to describe the current aras in a non-insulting matter)
2. one who is very curious or inquisitive (see also inquisitor)
3. one who does not use logic
oxymoron: logical aras
a word used by almost every single armenian male and sometimes even rabiz females. it can mean alot of things ranging from “hey” or “hi” to “oh sh-t”
gevo: ara davo

davo: ha axper inch ka

gevo: hech apeh papiroz unes

davo: araaaaa!!! mere kunem ara moratsa berem anoying person.
2.the g-spot.
3.another word for c–t, f–ker/hooker
just a rude word!!!!!!!!!!!
you are an aras all the time and you don’t care if you give me a blow or if i b-m you you just want me b-m naked so i can make you a c-m-bag.
the s-xiest word ever created by an honorary panda. can be used as a noun or an adjective. can describe anything and everything. often is pr-nounced well with a sigh.
inch anenk? ara…. idk. lets go to cafe o? no man, that place is for ara’s.

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