an a’raia may seem like a shy and sweet person at first, but try not to get on her bad side. if you ever do anything to her, she will probably either kick you until you fall over or hide your shoe where you can’t find it so you have to walk around without a shoe… *sighs* other than that, a’raia is the greatest friend you can have. she can make you some yummy baked goods that are better than any bakery nearby and she is always ready to listen to shawn mendes with you. be prepared to get spammed with random emojis and bitmojis when least expected around her! in the end, she will forever be loyal to your snapchat streak and to your friendship!
a’raia is my best friend because she is awesome! *gets 100 text notifications* nevermind… i’m gonna block her, but she’s my best friend… whatever :d

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