the best and brightest name u can have in the world , aram is the name that is given only to gods…a god in bed, a god with friends, a god in every field
d-mn man! ur a real aram
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aram is a popular masculine name in armenian with an ancient origin some 6000 years old that means “royal highness” and is interwoven in the language of the ancients, aramaic is one of the semitic languages, an important group of languages known almost from the beginning of human history. the qur’anic word “m-ssih” is derived from aram.
aram the royal big kahuna
an amazing son of a b-tch. is really smart and usually extremely talented. not that great of a musician but does well enough to get by. is also a very loyal friend and extremely trustworthy, will never let you down. keep this friend close because he will get you out of a jam anytime.
aram helped me so much, i really didnt think i would be able to finish my homework without him.
an amazing, hilarious, and s-xy person that everyone loves to be around. usually best friends with short girls who laugh like demented sheep. the term used to describe their friendship is “bfftinwtlbhss” and “bfftinwtlbshh”.
omg! look at that guy aram over there, i wish i could be as popular as him!
kind of custom game played on mobas like league of legends. the name stands for “all random all mid”.
aram rules:
-summoner spells not allowed:
-items not allowed:
·snowball items
·guardian angel.
·mid lane only, not allowed to return to summoner circle unless dead.
·not allowed to go into jungle or other lanes.
·going to far out of mid lane into fog of war is considered cheating.
mid lane = the lane in which minions sp-wn and follow from one summoner circle to the other summoner circle. going outside this line to far is not allowed.
defending in base: once the top or bottom tower is destroyed you may defend those inhibitors but not before the -ssociated tower is destroyed.
-ssaulting base: you are not allowed to intentionally pull and or attack side lane minions, towers, inhibitors. they are not part of the mid lane therefor off limits.
na servers typically allow suicide to mid minions or mid towers.
tf or pantheon ability to teleport past live towers to suicide is not allowed.
-these are just a collection of commonly used “standard rules” or “normal rules” a host can state his specific rules before a game.

— eu west does not allow intentional suicide, if execution does happen the person is not allowed to purchase items.
bob- dude… i don’t feel like playing a 5v5…
tom- let’s play aram!
the act of growing br–sts the size of mountains to the point where the shirt tears and people become blind, (n) one who works out excessively and eats lots of eggs and retains large br–sts

is that man araming? im too young to be blind
aram is the guy at skool who is good at basketball they think their tall but their not they try to act cool at skol but once they get home they are losers and weirdos they hang out with zarehs and they like byooreg and macaronni not to mentio0n spinach and their favorite show is pop eye the sailor man and they love olive oil..not to mention -pokemon yugioh and they thn they scored 27 points in a game
aram is not cool

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