a beautiful, wise, humorous, and loyal girl. loves to go out on adventures with friends . in a relationship she is respectful, well-mannered, easygoing, entertaining, and faithful. she does have att-tude and may get jealous at times, but she’ll do anything for the man she genuinely loves, to keep him satisfied. she can also be a smart -ss and jokester at times so don’t take things so harsh because she’s just playing. she loves a person who has great comebacks. she is a person you always want to have in your life. she’s positive and supportive. she isn’t afraid to try new things.
aranza’s friend: hey wanna go out tonight with some friends and f-ck sh-t up?

aranza: yes! you know i’m always down. don’t even have to ask (;
#s-xy #beautiful #friendly #caring #strong #dependent #cute #nice -ss #aranza
aranza is a girl with att-tude. she can be a b-tch when she wants to. if youre a b-tch to her, youre going to regret that for sure because she will be the biggest b-tch to you. other than that aranza is outgoing, funny, sweet, amazing in bed and has a nice body(skinny and has curves) she knows how to please a guy. guys are thirsty for her. aranza is f-ckable and amazing. she is a girl you can trust and become good friends with. aranza also loves to party with her friends. she is a wild girl when shes drunk but it’s fun watching her be drunk, it’s something you will enjoy for sure.
guy:d-mn, who is that?

aranza’s friend: thats aranza

guy: shes hot
#aranza #skinny #curves #amazing #wild #cute
aranza: normally she’s an outgoing girl, has a strong character, very outgrageous, she’s always involved in gossip. if she wants she can turn to be the greatest b-tch but if you are her friend she will be the greatest friend ull ever have. just learn how to love her.
wow, aranza told me the juciest gossip ever!!
#outgoing #outgrageous #gossip #b-tch #strong character #friend

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