agile; also called ornan 1 chr. 21:15, a jebusite who dwelt in jerusalem before it was taken by the israelites. the destroying angel, sent to punish david for his vanity in taking a census of the people, was stayed in his work of destruction near a threshing-floor belonging to araunah which was situated on mount moriah. araunah offered it to david as a free gift, together with the oxen and the threshing instruments; but the king insisted on purchasing it at its full price (2 sam. 24:24; 1 chr. 21:24, 25), for, according to the law of sacrifices, he could not offer to g-d what cost him nothing. on the same place solomon afterwards erected the temple (2 sam. 24:16; 2 chr. 3:1). (see altar.)

historical examples

david purchased the threshing-floor of araunah at zion with two oxen for 50 shekels of silver.
the history of antiquity, vol. ii (of vi) max duncker

he groped through the cave of araunah and out into the air, shot across the court to the south wall, and dropped the roll over.
a king of tyre james m. ludlow

the place where the angel’s arm was arrested was by the threshing-floor of araunah the jebusite.
the expositor’s bible: the second book of samuel w. g. blaikie

when araunah saw the king approaching, he bowed before him and respectfully asked the purpose of his visit.
the expositor’s bible: the second book of samuel w. g. blaikie

he purchased the threshing-floor of araunah, also oxen and wood and offered a burnt sacrifice to g-d.
mother stories from the old testament anonymous

they were a mountain clan, and araunah shows himself in contact with david a reverend and kingly person.
judges and ruth robert a. watson

it was also the site of araunah’s threshing-floor, and had been therefore hallowed by two angelic apparitions.
the expositor’s bible: the first book of kings f. w. farrar

nothing remained but the rock of araunah’s threshing-floor, on which it once had stood.
the expositor’s bible: the first book of kings f. w. farrar

it was such a floor that david bought of araunah as a suitable place to build an altar.
the bible story rev. newton marshall hall

david saw the angel of destruction as the angel drew near to the threshing-floor of araunah.
living for the best james g. k. mcclure

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