an ancient city of -ssyria, e of the tigris, on the site of modern erbil: headquarters of darius iii before his defeat by alexander the great at gaugamela 331 b.c.
historical examples

ashurbanabal proceeds to arbela for the purpose of worshipping her during this sacred period.
the religion of babylonia and -ssyria morris jastrow

temples are erected to her in the city of ashur, in nineveh and arbela.
the religion of babylonia and -ssyria morris jastrow

in the battle at arbela they were among the bravest: arrian, “anab.”
the history of antiquity max duncker

for did alexander, think you, (or indeed could he possibly) forget the fight at arbela?
essays and miscellanies plutarch

arbela was probably the city, and gaugamela the temple; both sacred to the same deity, under different names.
a new system; or, an -n-lysis of antient mythology. volume i. jacob bryant

he found such a field in an extensive plain at guagamela, not far from the city of arbela.
alexander the great jacob abbott

still more distant, and still more indistinct, was a solitary hill overlooking the ancient city of arbela.
myths of babylonia and -ssyria donald a. mackenzie

darius had gone through and escaped when alexander arrived at arbela, but the city and the treasures fell into alexander’s hands.
alexander the great jacob abbott

the following is an extract from one of the best of these battle-pieces, the description of the battle of arbela.
a history of bohemian literature count ltzow

the number and quality of the troops collected at arbela attests at once the zeal and success of his endeavors.
the seven great monarchies of the ancient eastern world, vol 5. (of 7): persia george rawlinson

an ancient city in -ssyria, near which the battle of arbela took place (331 bc), in which alexander the great defeated the persians modern name erbil

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