synonym for h-m-s-xual
“some arcas m-f- was up on me trying to run his flex”

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  • archered

    v. a five finger discount, theft, stealing …basically taking money that doesn’t belong to you, while you are on shift and employed at a gym. “son of a b-tch! i got archered at the gym again! this time they got five hundred dollars!”

  • Artie Abrams

    a cute, talented, paraplegic guy who is on the hit show glee. is usually very nerdy, but funny. isn’t afraid to be himself, and is generally a sweet person with soulful eyes with a voice to match. is generally considered smexy. d: hey look at that dork over there on tv, he’s gonna die alone […]

  • A Ruthy-Q

    a girl who has been sh-gged then taken up the -rs-, the condom then splits and the girl has to finish off with her mouth. eww “err did u hear that june did a ruthy-q”

  • asab

    alpha sierra alpha bravo. a very highly trained secretive sect of the army. not much is known (like what asab stands for) but it is speculated that young men between the ages 16 and 24 are recruited for dangerious operations for their innocent appearance. total operatives involved may total up to 500, but operate only […]

  • asdfgjh

    a word that describes your inner happiness, more like extreme happiness. comparable with the i’m-in-love feeling. mostly known as b-tterflies, but not in a love way. that guy gives me b-tterflies, he’s so asdfgjh.

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