a chief .
historical examples

and there came news that the king was in some gambling house with a troupe of that archfiend’s spies.
the weight of the crown fred m. white

and then the subject became religion, which was the archfiend’s deadliest weapon.
the jungle upton sinclair

the archfiend himself is often distinguished by the softened t-tle of the “good-man.”
minstrelsy of the scottish border, vol. ii (of 3) walter scott

i warrant you, if you had till the day of judgment, you could not guess what this archfiend is thinking.
the saracen: the holy war robert shea

it was believed he had by inspiration secured an exact portrait of the archfiend.
demonology and devil-lore moncure daniel conway

the archfiend promises pleasures without stint, and power without limitation.
the magic of the middle ages viktor rydberg

even among the men of the logs, who are bad, one man stands alone as the archfiend of them all.
the promise james b. hendryx

(often capital) the archfiend, the chief of fiends or devils; satan

1667, from arch (adj.) + fiend (n.). originally and typically satan (cf. arch-foe “satan,” 1610s).

so stretcht out huge in length the arch-fiend lay. [“paradise lost,” 1667]

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